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personality:sometimes mild..other times READY TO KILL
weapon:A gigantic spatula and spatula darts
Disikes:Shampoo and Kodachi

Here are some pics

Ukyo standing there with 2 plates of food
Ukyo with a chun-li type dress
A picture of Ukyo looking at you
Ukyo and Ranma When they were kids
Ranma realizes Ukyo is a girl
After Ranma realizes Ukyo is a girl
Ukyo in a cool swimsuit
Ukyo with Ranma
Ukyo looking happy
Ukyo going to beat the #$%@ out of you!!!!
Ukyo celbrating a victory
Ukyo screaming

The story of Ukyo

Back a long time ago Ranma and Ukyo met while Ranma was steeling some food from her fathers cart..Ranma easily beat Ukyo to the food easily. Then Ukyo's father said that Ukyo wanted to marry Ranma and that he would let them take her or the okonmiyaki cart.Genma asked Ranma which he liked better the cart or Ukyo.Not realizing Ukyo was a girl Ranma picked the cart. Ukyo was heart broken and gave up on him..She decided to be like a boy and dressed and acted as one.She spent about 10 years perfecting her style of fighting. Then she went off to challenge Ranma.Ranma accepted the challenge and although Ukyo put up a good fight Ranma eventually won.But it was during the fight that Ranma accidentally grabbed Ukyo's chest..reared back and replied with "Cute". Then Ukyo fell in love with Ranma all over again.

Why Ukyo is so kawaii

10.She fights with a spatula
9.She has her own fighting style
8.She can cook
7.She has normal colored hair
6.She is caring
5.She dressed like aboy
4.She acts like a tomboy
3.She revenges those you offend her
2.She is cute cheerful
1.she is cutewhen she is PISSED

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