This Week's Game is Parasite Eve!!!!!!

This game is very comparable to FF7 with a twsit of RE2...The atmosphere the game gives and way of moving is very similar to RE2. there are Random battles,Level building asn LOTS of weapons! In place of the Magic bar and MP points is a PE bar that refills slowly as you fight,Aya recieves this in the first battle of the game from eve..One cool feature is the use of AP ability points,You can soend them on a weopon more item space,faster AT,and more defense for your armor.The Graphics are great especially in the cinemas,You must at least rent this game!

More into the game is depth you'll notice the it right when you first play....The only problem with this game is its interesting but lack of explaining things...and a bit more imagination for the doctor would have been good....but who am i to complain?I know C++ and how much work it is so i must congratulate for a fine game!